Case Study: Gatekeeper Press
by Robert Lai

Gatekeeper Press, a self-publishing book firm, has historically spent hundreds of thousands on Google Ads and decided to stop using it for years. After reactivating Google Ads in May 2019, Gatekeeper Press found themselves haunted by the past and considering turning it off if they didn’t find immediate help.

The team at Kaliber with their vast experience in the US Market took a look at the campaigns that were running, spoke to the founders about their goal, and went far in-depth into numbers that the small business did not have. Metrics such as MQL, SQL, and LTV were not measured by the business as previous marketing experts they’ve worked with did not require such levels of detail.

For Kaliber to implement it’s marketing philosophies and methodology, we need to work with clients to understand every ounce of detail post-conversion.

What metrics do we need?

  • % of Leads that are Marketing Qualified
  • % of Leads that are Sales Qualified
  • % of Leads that are Closed
  • $ Value of the Closed Leads
  • $ Value of those leads over the course of the entire customer engagement

By understanding this level of depth, we’re able to assign values to Conversion Metrics to better understand the value of a phone call vs a form fill. The value of a lead beyond the actual sale. The value of these leads across different states, demographics, and other data we have available to help optimize our client’s investments.

Upon assessment, there were 3 Google Ads Campaigns that had less than 10% Search Impression share due to Limited Budget and Ad Rank. After conducting competitive research, there were major players within the space-occupying the majority of the Search Market for Self-Publishing; Amazon and Bookbaby were the largest spenders.

In order for Gatekeeper Press to succeed, we dove into their existing customer base to learn about some of the common traits of the writers and authors that used their services? What was Gatekeeper Press’s key value proposition and who would it appeal to most? What was the process from lead to deal closed? Where would it be easiest for them to service either by timezone or if they could even meet a client in-person to increase the Conversion Rate?

These questions opened up a lot into the company’s profitability, ideal customer, and most importantly, where would we concentrate our focus…

 gatekeeper press case study  gatekeeper press case study  gatekeeper press case study

Kaliber restructured the account to reflect the company’s business objectives and applied our Single Purpose Campaign (SPC) methodology to transform 3 campaigns into 64 campaigns serving different purposes.

Our SPC methodology assigns a unique goal to each campaign treating as an individual market or bet. If you had a room of students split into three and had scattered all the top academic students into these groups, which group students would you be bet on to achieve the highest academic result? Which group of students would you bet to win at athletics? Which group of students would you bet on to excel in maths?

Our SPC methodology splits up the group of students into its own campaign and goal. Using comprehensive labeling conventions to be able to make bets for all different important reasons. By doing so, we allow a small advertiser like Gatekeeper Press dominates in Market Share within a small subset of the overall market, allowing them to see initial results and have clearly identified ways to scale. Kaliber’s SPC methodology allows advertising to pay for itself.

The results? From the initial restructure:

  • Increased Search Impression share by 53.45%
  • Increased Conversions by 227.36%
  • Decreased CPA by 17.56%
  • Conversion Rate increased by 22.76%
  • Search Impression Share lost due to budget decreased by 41.13%

case study gatekeeper press

Client was overwhelmed by the successful results and proceeded to increase the budget by 169.89%

Fast forward to today, the client has been willing to commit to an increased investment of 382% from when they initially engaged with Kaliber.

Results from Oct 2019 – Feb 2020

  • Investment over the period increased an overall 218.07%
  • Search Impression share increased to 125.72%
  • Lost Impression share due to budget decreased by 77.05%
  • Conversions increased by 825%
  • CPA decreased by 65.54%
  • CPC increased a mere 0.34%

case study gatekeeper press

A perfect client-agency relationship is when we onboard each other’s problems. Kaliber identified the need for additional data to help drive greater results and provided Gatekeeper Press with the guidance to work on collecting the necessary data to help the partnership in uncovering more details about the recent growth they’ve experienced to further leverage AI technology to drive more of our desired results.

Our expertise exceeds just performance. We incorporate into our retainer fee the consultation required to help our clients succeed and provide high value-adding advice across the entire user experience.

If you’d like to learn more about how we can help you, why not start with a Free Audit?


Originally posted 08 July, 2020. Updated 22 September, 2021.
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Robert Lai is the founder and CEO of Kaliber Asia.
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